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  • Why It Is Important to Update Your Website’s Content

    January 13, 2016

    Why It Is Important to Update Your Website’s Content

    Google gives positioning to brands that regularly provide audiences with fresh and new content.

    When you go to the grocery store, which kind of bread do you prefer? Do you choose the old stale loaf or the fresh bread right from the oven? The content on your website is a lot like bread – the fresher the better. Continue reading to find out why you should update your website content on a regular basis.

    Stay Fresh for Google

    Simply put, Google and your customers love new and fresh content on your website, which means long gone are the days of evergreen content. Many of the most recent changes Google made to its search algorithm were focused on originality and content freshness. In other words, Google gives optimum search engine results page (SERP) positioning to brands that regularly provide audiences with fresh and new content. Google now pushes websites with updated content to the front, while moving the older stories to the back of the line. If you want to make your way to the top of Google, you can start with an update to your website’s content.

    Keep Customers Coming Back for More

    In any business, repeat visitors to a website is one of the top goals. When you update your website content on a regular basis, you will increase the likelihood your visitors will come back for more. New, helpful and interesting content is like a flame to a moth – consumers can’t resist it and return for more over and over. The more visitors that actually visit your site and return, the more likely it is they will convert into a paying customer. Choosing to keep your site stagnant without regular website updates gives visitors no reason to keep coming back. No one wants to make purchases with a boring, stagnant company!

    Fresh Content Has a Lower Bounce Rate

    Your website’s bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after only viewing one page. A high bounce rate often indicates that the visitor has found irrelevant, stale or boring content. For example, if you go to a museum promising gorgeous art and you find gargantuan layers of dust over everything and no original art, what would you do? Your first instinct would probably be to get the heck out of there and never return. This same phenomenon is found with websites. If you do not update your website content, you will not offer browsers any incentive to stay or ever come back.

    Bolster the Performance of Your Website

    In any case, there is no single sure thing you can do to bolster the performance of your website. However, professionals in the industry commonly make changes to websites and observe the results. If you never update your website content, you will never have the chance to make improvements. Even if you change your content on your website and you don’t get the results you were looking for, it’s still a step forward because you will know what doesn’t work. When you regularly update your website content, you are able to track and increase the performance of your website over time.

    Your Competitors Are Doing It

    Without a doubt, your competition is providing their audience with fresh content. With the increasing competition of online business, it’s imperative you do everything possible to distinguish your business from the rest of the competition. One way you can do this is to update your website content regularly.
    While choosing to update your website’s content offers several benefits, not everyone has time to leverage managing a business and a website. If you are looking to increase your web presence, get in touch with us today for a website assessment!

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