SEO can bring in more opportunities than you thought possible!
  • December 17, 2014

    The Importance of SEO in Small Business Marketing

    Search engine optimization can help build your authority as an industry expert.

    This past October, Christine Muschi interviewed me for a Globe and Mail article about hotel rewards cards and how they can help small business owners save money. As a small business owner myself, saving money is of utmost importance to me, so I have indeed used hotel rewards to reduce my travel expenses when visiting clients and attending conferences.

    I’m always enthusiastic to be interviewed in the media, since I know the impact this type of exposure can have when it comes to small business marketing. I was pleased to be approached by the journalist to add my two cents to her piece — but, of course, I wanted to know how she had found me! The answer? She simply Googled one of my top business keywords, “small business marketing company,” and found my website!

  • December 01, 2014

    How to Choose an SEO Company: Evaluating Their Website

    An SEO company’s website can tell you a lot about the strategies they will use.

    Continuing our series of blog posts about how to choose an SEO company, we’ve put together this post to offer even more advice on evaluating a potential SEO agency. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to evaluate the quality of work performed by an SEO firm is to take a look at their own website. A website can offer you telltale clues about how the company does SEO, whether they are using the latest strategies and offer information to you about the overall quality of their work.

    Here’s how you can use an SEO company’s website to decide whether or not they could be a potential partner: