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Marketing Plan – Small Business Action RoadMap™ for Success

How to get an edge over your competitors

The marketing plan is your action plan for the year. What are your specific goals, priorities or projects? Do you have an item on your to-do or wish list that you neither have the time nor marketing expertise to implement? We can help by starting or joining an existing project to help you complete it – likely sooner than you expect. We can fill in your key marketing gaps and add a fresh selling program.

“Integrated marketing plans and communications” are a holistic approach to marketing – and how we do business. It integrates all marketing tools (defined below), approaches, and resources within your company. You will have a competitive advantage when you give your customers a consistent impression of your company. But how do you do it?

You must have a consistent message in all of your communications – from online and offline marketing to how you answer the phone! (And, yes we have written telephone scripts, voicemail greetings, email signatures, and template email notes to respond to sales leads.)

Marketing jargon easily defined for you:

online marketing channels – your website, blogs, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, and more.

offline marketing channels – direct mail, traditional print (newspaper, magazine), public relations, trade shows, radio and television advertising.

Do you need help to develop your marketing plan?

Areola Tattoo Canada invented and manufactured a temporary, removable tattoo for women who have had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. McCabe Marketing was involved in all aspects of bringing this invention to the marketplace.

Once the first prototypes were developed McCabe Marketing was engaged to research the size of the marketplace, explore trademark issues with a U.S. lawyer, conduct focus groups with patients, and source a manufacturer.

We project managed the launch of the website from start to finish working with a graphic artist and web development company and writing the “needs-based” copy for the website. McCabe Marketing continues to be actively involved developing a distributor and reseller program as well as an online marketing strategy and sales program to grow sales.

Looking for a strategy and plan to grow your business faster?

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