Marketing videos can land you many media interviews.
  • March 26, 2013

    Promotional marketing videos generated multiple media interviews – twice with The Toronto Star!

    Media interviews are delicious side-benefits of a well-done online business video.

    I have a sweet tooth and adore milk chocolate. It is one of my favourite treats and when a cake with chocolate icing is in front of me, I am the one who will always go for the large corner piece… such is my love of chocolate.

    In the past month I have been interviewed twice by prominent Canadian publications. In both cases, the journalists visited my website and saw my CTV interview which is featured on my homepage. Because my business videos are generating more media interviews, there is much “icing on the cake” to enjoy as my business is reaping the long-term benefits. Learn how McCabe Marketing can collaborate with you in accomplishing the same success.

  • March 13, 2013

    Pinterest is the latest social media craze. Is it right for your small business?

    Pinterest is the fastest growing website ever! It’s a virtual bulletin board to promote your product images and videos.

    You may be old enough to remember the bulletin boards made of cork at school or the office. A push pin or stapler was used to mount the best artwork, inspirational message, or your ‘To Do’ list. In grade four (or as Americans say “fourth grade”) my artwork was never featured on the board. I likely should be in counselling for the artistic self-esteem issues caused by Mrs. Anderson!

    Today, there are virtual bulletin boards. Pinterest is a social media site that enables you to share photos and videos. As a business owner you may be wondering if it’s the latest social media wonder and you should jump on the cruise liner or wait for the next boat. If your business has numerous products and nice images you’re likely a natural fit.