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Your company image and messages must be consistent

Your brand isn’t about your logo, slick brochure, tagline, or slogan. Your brand is your company image – the impression that you give to both customers and prospects. Are you friendly or reserved, flexible or rigid, traditional and conservative or hip? Do your employees speak loudly with energy or soft spoken or a combination? Do they wear casual clothes or suits and ties? Think of your brand as your company’s personality – think Virgin or Tangerine vs. your bank or internet provider.

Ask your customers how they feel about your brand. What do they perceive are your strengths? Can they identify what makes your brand different from the competition? Can they communicate your brand value – what you stand for? You may be surprised what you learn. Based on this input you need to identify your target audience’s needs and the objectives you want to achieve.

Client Story

Permanent Make-Up Artistry provides cosmetic tattooing services to enhance natural facial features from lips to eyeliner and eyebrows. In addition the technique has been used in over 500 para-medical procedures to camouflage scars and burns and to remove unwanted tattoos. Para-medical applications form a growing part of the business.

McCabe Marketing provided a free consultation and was then hired to develop a preliminary marketing assessment and strategy.

It was recommended that the business be rebranded. The name Para-Medical Artisans was chosen to reflect the full portfolio of services offered. More than a new logo was required…branding included designing new business cards, stationery, announcement cards, signage, and creating a website presence. To maximize the client’s web presence and minimize the cost, a new section was added to the parent company’s website versus creating a new website.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists who had been referring patients for years are now aware of the full portfolio of services and are referring more patients.

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