Are you thriving or languishing in your business?

Marketing Materials – Marketing Collateral

Brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, newsletters, promotional items… Are you overwhelmed by the options? What’s right for your business? Targeted marketing collateral allows you to maximize your marketing dollars to reach your customers and prospective customers.

Business cards – the brochure alternative

Surprisingly, a well-planned business card can be as or more effective than a brochure! People keep business cards, but what usually happens to brochures? The recycling bin!

List your specialties and a customer testimonial on the reverse side of your business card.

TIP: Vertical business cards are more distinctive.

Big Al of Big Al’s Catering and Décor saw one of his customer’s cards (done by us!) He engaged McCabe Marketing to design a logo and double-sided business card – a brochure on a card. This project was completed in less than a month, from the free consultation to printing the cards.

During the design process, we identified a new business promotion opportunity for Big Al – labels for his holiday gift baskets. McCabe Marketing leveraged the resources; the labels were completed in the same time frame as the business cards, reducing costs.

Are you looking to emphasize your services or products? A double- or customized multi-sided business card might be your most cost-effective option.

Postcards and flyers – other brochure alternatives

Do you need printed material when you have a website? Is it worth the cost? Glossy brochures, while appropriate for some businesses – can be expensive.

When you have a special offer or want to launch a product or service, sending an e-mail note or e-newsletter is excellent. Is your in-basket overflowing? Do you read, skim, or delete them?

Permanent Make-Up Artistry launched a new brand. McCabe Marketing created a double-sided announcement card, a highly effective and affordable brochure alternative. To save money, it was included in the holiday greeting card mailing. Extra announcement cards were printed and continue to be used.

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