What is the value of a business video? Sticky eyeballs!

Online Video Marketing & Media Interviews

Video SEO can get your website to the top of Google

Video is an extremely powerful sales tool. You can showcase your company, products, or services with a video on your homepage. There are seven reasons why you should showcase your business with a marketing video:

  1. Build trust and credibility – What used to be “try and buy” is now “view and buy” or “view and contact
  2. Conversion tool – More sales leads
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Increases the chance of a front page Google result 53x
  4. “Sticky eyeballs” on your website – Visitors stay longer to learn about your products and services
  5. YouTube – Second largest search engine in the world
  6. Competitive advantage – 91% of small businesses don’t have a video
  7. Testimonials – Let your customers speak on your behalf. Great if you are camera shy.

To learn more about each of the above points, please view the educational video located on the right hand side of this page. If you want to be found and seen – create a business video!

As a result of my interview on CTV’s Pattie Lovett-Reid Show in October 2012 and my interview with The Toronto Star in March 2012, there is an eighth reason to post a video on the homepage of your website and that reason is the media.

The media are often very important to a company’s success and manage to achieve (for free) what many expensive advertising and PR campaigns don’t! While my website provided relevant information about McCabe Marketing and the services we offer, I am sure it is my video that got me the interviews. There is something powerful about a video that will capture the viewer’s attention and help them retain the information on the video. Just try it – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Small Business Advantage: Create Marketing Videos

When you have a video posted on your site, you are not just another business with a website. According to the SMB Group’s 2012 poll, only 9% of U.S. small businesses (24-99 employees) have a video. Post it on your homepage to increase your website “conversion” rate. To be or not to be, there is no question a video is a competitive advantage.

McCabe Marketing uses an easy, three step process to create videos for our clients. We offer an affordable package to suit any budget. Whether hiring our company or developing a video yourself, part of this process should include:

1. Hire a videographer – Ensure that your contract includes uploading it to YouTube and your website, preferably on the homepage. Why? Video engages the prospective customer to spend more time on your site to learn your products and services.
2. Write your key messages or “talking points” – Do it yourself or with the help of a professional. NOTE: A script and teleprompter are optional and typically not recommended.
3. Film and edit the video – Your message will become more powerful if you use text, graphics and music to reinforce key messages.

Read our blog to learn the Ten tips for a great video shoot. These tips are applicable whether you are hiring a professional or doing the video yourself or with the help of a friend. Do you want to be “found” and “seen” online by prospective customers – and – journalists? Create a marketing video, ask us how, right now.

Media Interviews

Public Relations (PR) is free and is not advertising. Media coverage is fantastic when it’s good – it gives your business credibility and creates awareness around your business. You are being interviewed because of your knowledge and expertise.

You are now a recognized authority in your industry by your peers, competitors, customers, and prospective customers. The increased visibility will drive new sales leads and attract new customers. PR is good and it’s always free. Media PR is compelling and does not dig into your marketing – advertising budget.

Social Media is free and and has become a great advertising and promotional tool which can lead to media interviews and drive more visitors to your website.

SUCCESS TIP 1:  If anyone from the media contacts you, drop whatever you are doing. Return the call immediately. If an email was sent which included a phone number – contact them both ways. You may have the opportunity to be interviewed but you likely aren’t the only company that has been contacted. Perhaps you are being contacted about a negative story, and the media want your input. Immediate response is key!

CTV and Toronto Star interviews

Maureen McCabe was interviewed for CTV’s Pattie Lovette-Reid Show about the Do’s and Don’ts of small business marketing. Read about the interview Nine tips for media interviews. How and why I was interviewed on CTV.

In March, the Toronto Star interviewed her about online video marketing for start-ups. If you want to understand how and why Maureen was contacted – and – with a wee bit of Irish humour read her blog. Three YouTube tips to leverage the power of social media. How I got found by The Toronto Star.

Do you want to be “found” and “seen” on the internet? Do you want to generate more sales? We can help you create a business video – from coaching, identifying and writing the script or talking points to project managing the entire video! Please contact us for your free consultation today!