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  • July 29, 2012

    How to Hire Job search like an Olympian

    Why should I interview you?

    The 2012 Olympics have started, and we have won our first medal. While watching and cheering for our Canadian team, I checked my Blackberry (yes, I am a Canadian, loyal to the end!) and saw that I had received yet another email from someone who is searching – and is going about it the wrong way!

    I remember what it’s like to look for the right position. Learn how to “Job search for a marketing position – like an Olympian.” I want to help you earn your gold medal – the position of your dreams!

  • July 17, 2012

    4 tips to help you identify true prospects vs. tire-kickers. Save time to focus on real sales leads.

    Don’t be frustrated, we’ve all been there at some point…

    How do you attract new customers? Do you offer a free consultation or complimentary assessment? How do you identify a real lead or prospective customer from a time-wasting tire kicker? I’ve learned the hard way and share my lessons learned.

    When you are contacted by prospective customers you likely regard them as sales leads. You’re optimistic that they will hire you or buy your product. Right? Why else would they be contacting you? Maybe to pick your brain…?