We’ll spend your marketing dollars like they’re our own, wisely.

We understand your need to maximize your marketing investment

Strategic and affordable marketing services

If you are looking for a marketing partner who knows the challenges faced by business owners, from cash flow to managing suppliers and staff, then look no further. We will recommend affordable and measurable programs.

Consulting Fees versus Project Fees

You can engage McCabe Marketing on a consulting or project-fee basis based on your business needs. Consulting fees are appropriate for a specific duration of involvement.

Although the hourly fee is $150, most clients prefer our money-saving bundle packages and monthly options! Pricing for 10- and 25-hour packages are available.

Project fees are helpful when the scope of work can be defined explicitly in advance. On occasion, both approaches may be combined on the same project.

Marketing Check-up – 10-Hour Starter Package: Special offer of $950 for new clients

At $150 per hour, the regular price to purchase 10 hours is $1,500. When you sign up for the profit-boosting Marketing Check-up as a new client, you will pay only $950. It’s a budget-friendly way to identify easy-to-implement marketing strategies, marketing plans and programs so you can sell more of your products and services.

Your Marketing Check-up provides you with concrete action items you can use to increase your sales. It includes a blueprint of additional marketing programs for growing your profits faster. Or we can get started on your ‘wish list’ project! To learn more, visit the Marketing Check-up to view your options.

Free Quotation

You may know precisely what you want and are ready to proceed; in this case, a written proposal can be presented to you in as little as one week. Once you give us the okay, we can start working on your project immediately.

Do you want to know your options and need a recommended approach to help you determine the next steps? Contact us to schedule your appointment now!