Share with parents how much you love them, when they're here.
  • August 31, 2013

    Memories of my dad, M. Earle McCabe

    Over time, the sadness will be replaced with only fond memories of our times together.

    The passing of a father is so difficult to bear because this means the end of an era within a family and the absence of all those precious moments of sharing stories, traditions, laughter, and history.

    Father Luigi brought smiles to our eyes when he said, In life, you earn Air Miles when you are living a good life, doing good deeds… so that when you’re ready to fly… you can cash them in… to get into the air, soar like an eagle, and ultimately reach heaven. A friend wrote, Maureen, sorry for your loss. I’m giving you all of my Air Miles… which brought tears to my eyes. May God bless his soul.

  • August 09, 2013

    Eight tips on how blogging increases your website ranking and helps you reach page 1 on Google.

    Write in your own voice. Be casual. Be authentic. Be you!

    I love reading and in particular, legal and political mysteries. With a book, what first intrigues me, is a compelling overview on the back cover. And then, I have to admit that I’m drawn to covers with captivating images – they do draw my attention immediately as I am sure the above image has captured yours. This is an awesome one!

    When it comes to reading a blog – the first couple of paragraphs are either ‘make or break’. Within a few seconds, I need to understand what I will gain from reading the blog and then I will make a quick decision as to whether it is of interest to me or not. As well, it’s a given that a blog must be well-written in order to hold my attention.

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