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Free Template for Online Directory Listings: Local SEO

When I first started creating online directories to boost our brand, I typed the information requested into every field for each directory listing. Then, I had an ah-ha moment: I made a local SEO template, which we previously only shared with clients.

Maximize your time by completing this template so you can ‘copy and paste’ content when you create your online directory listings.

#1 TIP:  Make it easy for Google to find you; the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) must be consistent.

BONUS:  Included are links to our top six articles about Online Directories! Easy-to-implement tips include How to avoid business directory scams, The best Toronto, Canadian, and U.S. directories, and How to submit your listing to online directories.

Local SEO is also referred to as “local link building” by SEO gurus (of which we are not one; we are a boutique marketing agency that works exclusively with small and mid-size business owners).

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