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Small Business Marketing Check-up

10-hour Starter Consulting Package – Special Offer $950

Do you want more leads, more sales, and increased revenue? Here’s a budget-friendly way to identify easy-to-implement marketing strategies, plans and programs so you can boost your brand to help you sell more of your products or services more easily, more effectively, and in less time.

The Marketing Check-up is a cost-effective 10-hour starter package for $950(*) that can help you grow your business how you want. Whatever your business needs, it simply comes down to this: you require the support and expertise of a Marketing Consultant to generate more profits. We’re here to help.

If you need a marketing strategy and assessment of your marketing initiatives, then Package 1 is ideal – or – if you have a specific project or unique request, Package 2 is recommended. Choose which profit-boosting 10-hour Starter Consulting package that’s right for your business.

Package 1

The affordable Marketing Check-up provides concrete action items to boost your brand, increase sales, or launch a new business.

  1. When you provide your existing marketing plan and other materials before the consultation, we’ll review them before speaking with you to maximize your time – or we can start at step two.
  2. The initial consultation is free by phone. Our goal is to understand your business and marketing situation. Together, we will determine your objectives for the 10-hour starter consulting package.
  3. We will provide specific recommendations that you can implement.

Package 2

You may know precisely what you need and would prefer to use the 10 hours for a specific project. You can ask us to start or join an existing project to help you complete it on time and budget. Most clients prefer this package because it’s customized to your unique needs.

Perhaps you need help to project manage the launch of your new or refreshed website? It could be writing more compelling copy on your homepage or a fresh sales strategy. Whatever it is – the choice is yours. The cost-effective Small Business Marketing Check-up is flexible to meet your needs.

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(*) You save $550 with this special offer. The regular fee for 10 hours is $1,500 ($150 per hour). This package is available for new clients only.

The video was filmed in 2011; we explained at that time what we did at every step. Based on your situation and needs, we’ll update you on what has changed during the consultation.