A marketing strategy & plan consistently attract more clients.
  • November 30, 2012

    Four ways to turn off prospective clients. Tips small business owners can use to increase sales.

    Listening skills “can make or break” your small business.

    Sick people spread germs. Students and workers are encouraged to stay at home to rest and get well. Self-employed people like me “try and do it all” — and sometimes not well. This week was an example of why I should have “closed” the office and consumed multiple bowls of soup.

    When things go wrong, we tend to analyze the situation to the nth degree. These heartfelt sales communication tips are hopefully helpful, and can be used whether you are healthy or not!

  • November 19, 2012

    How to find more customers & great sales leads. Seven “lucky” success tips you need to know!

    Should you call or email first? Hint: refer to tip 5!

    This month, I was called by four nice and two not-so-nice sales people. The reason I say “four nice” is that each listened to my advice and said thanks, while the other two stated that they “didn’t know” and hung up on me! They weren’t interested in learning how to become more successful sales professionals.

    All six sales reps “trolling” for new customers made the same error. You’re likely dying to know! The most deadly sin is Tip 1. By reading this blog and implementing the Seven Lucky Tips, you will “Generate More Profits” by prospecting more efficiently, in other words – better.

  • November 01, 2012

    2 small business social media surveys: dramatically different results. McCabe Marketing analyzes why

    I worked at GALLUP as a marketer and learned about the importance of methodology.

    Like me, you know that U.S. election polls conducted by the so-called ‘experts’ often get it wrong. In this case, VerticalResponse (which provides e-services such as email marketing, social media, and online surveys) released its small business social media usage survey today, yes on Halloween! The results are scary, nothing short of incredulous. In fact, it may lead some business owners to believe that they must immediately jump into social media to ‘keep up’ with the competition. Please don’t – you need a marketing strategy and plan.

    Check-out the infographic at the end of the blog. You can scan it in less than a minute to understand the results.