Trust your gut. If it's too good to be true, seek others input.
  • November 11, 2013

    When should you fire an SEO / digital marketing company? When they lack credibility & trust – Part 2

    If you trust the SEO agency, fix the problem with them – whenever and where ever possible.

    For some business owners they feel that politicians are more honest about the results they can deliver than SEO, Digital and Internet Marketing companies. In part 1 How to evaluate SEO/digital marketing company, I referred to Mike Harris the former Ontario premier who was a straight shooter. He delivered on all of his commitments in his first term of office.

    In his style, I will cut to the chase. In any business relationship there must be truth, credibility and integrity. Part 2 in the series of SEO blogs I explain why I recommended that the agency be fired.

  • November 08, 2013

    Avoid logo design problems. Five of the 10 questions to ask a graphic designer before you hire them.

    “BRA” program logo designed for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

    Everyone makes mistakes, but it‘s the lessons learned that makes us smarter. By reading this blog (and Part 2 you will be smarter when communicating your requirements for your logo.

    My first video was created in 2010 and as a good marketer, I wanted to brand it with my logo. The idea was to have a watermark in the lower right hand corner. Simply put this was not viable because it was ‘blurry’. For those in the know, the term is pixelated. I then had to invest in a new one.