Marketing videos can land you many media interviews.
  • Promotional marketing videos generated multiple media interviews. Twice in The Toronto Star!

    March 26, 2013

    Promotional marketing videos generated multiple media interviews – twice with The Toronto Star!

    Promotional marketing videos can lead to media interviews. They’re delicious side-benefits of a great business video.

    By Maureen McCabe

    I have a sweet tooth and adore milk chocolate. It’s one of my favourite treats. When a cake with chocolate icing is in front of me, I’m the one who will always go for the large corner piece.

    In February, I was interviewed twice by prominent Canadian publications. In both cases, the journalists visited my website and saw my CTV interview which is featured on my homepage. Because my business videos are generating more media interviews, there’s a lot “icing on the cake” to enjoy as my business is reaping the long-term benefits. Learn how McCabe Marketing can collaborate with you in accomplishing the same success.

    Value of media interviews

    Good media coverage is phenomenal as it provides your business with credibility and generates awareness around your business offerings. Constant media coverage indicates that you are now a recognized authority in your industry for your knowledge and expertise by customers and prospective customers, as well as by peers and competitors.

    Online marketing videos – by a leading Marketing Company Toronto(*)

    (*) In that exact order “Marketing Company Toronto” for SEO reasons. People will just assume I forgot the “in” Toronto!

    My videos were developed with one purpose in mind – to attract small business clients as a marketing consultant located in Toronto, Canada.

    To be candid, when I created my marketing videos, I never dreamed about media interviews. In the following video, “Seven Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Video” there is no reference to an interview. I now have an eighth reason!

    I could not have imagined that in one year, I would have been interviewed for one TV show and three print publications. I’ve blogged about each experience: Nine tips for media interviews based on the CTV interview, “How I was ‘found’ on YouTube by The Toronto Star, and this blog. Plus a  PROFIT magazine interview. My dad was very proud and mailed copied to family and friends

    Quintessential tip: Request a ‘back link’ to your site. (‘Quintessential’ is one of my favourite words which means the most essential of essentials. In this case, the most important of all of the following tips.)

    When you are being interviewed, always ask the interviewer to request his editor to provide a link in the online story to your website homepage.

    Many publications will not give this to you. When they do, it is extremely helpful for your Google ranking. Why? Other websites and higher authority sites that provide a back link to your site will boost your position on Google. I’m on page one of a Google for all of my keywords; you can be too.

    Journalist Andrew Seale of The Toronto Star (Canada’s largest newspaper) contacted me because he was writing an article for the paper and their Small Business Club. As an experienced and knowledgeable marketing consultant (I hate the word “expert”), he wanted practical ideas about how a small business could promote luxury goods.

    The following are the tips and techniques I outlined in the interview. When the article was published, I saw which ones he highlighted – and – if it included an all-important back link to my website!

    TIP 1:  Online Video Marketing

    Creating a video is my first valuable tip! Options may include a ‘Welcome’ video to your website, educational training and/or customer testimonials. The following is my ‘Welcome video’ which used to be on the homepage but was replaced with the CTV interview.


    TIP 2:  Consistent Branding

    Ensure you have consistent talking points or messages about your business. They should be used by all staff, from your receptionist to your sales team, both on the phone and in face-to-face meetings. Don’t forget about consistent branding on your website and printed materials. One vision, one message!

    TIP 3:  Leverage social media

    As a busy business owner, you probably can’t afford the resources (time or money) to participate on all of the major social media sites. Without knowing the nature of your business and its objectives, it is difficult to recommend an effective social marketing strategy.

    TIP 4:  Needs and dream-based selling techniques

    People buy based on perceived needs and wants. Some purchasers are persuaded to buy a product or service based on a dream or aspiration. Speak to your prospective customers’ needs – it’s not all about you, your business and the type of service that you offer.

    Which social media platform is appropriate for your small business?

    As a general rule, I suggest that you select one or two and use them well. Aim for one to two weekly comments or posts.

    • Facebook: Ideal if your target audience is consumers and in particular women and youth.
    • Pinterest: Effective if you have good, clear images of your products or service. Create a business page. Because many business owners aren’t familiar with this virtual bulletin board. I have written a blog to help you understand how to promote your product images and videos on Pinterest.
    • LinkedIn Company page: If your business is primarily a B2B (business to business) or you have many business professionals who use your product or service this is always my first choice.
    • YouTube and Video Sharing Sites: If you have a video to promote, in addition to hosting the video on your site, you must post it on YouTube for maximum exposure. Remember this is how I was ‘found’ on YouTube and solicited interest for my first Toronto Star interview.

    TV Interviews

    If you’ve been interviewed on TV (regardless of the length of the interview) obtain a copy of it. Promote the interview on your corporate website, ideally on the homepage. This will help you to establish immediate credibility with prospective customers on your site.

    NOTE: If you don’t have a video gallery or YouTube channel – now’s the time to create them.

    Before it airs, plan how you are going to get a copy of it:

    1. Record the interview on an interactive TV recording device such as a personal video recorder (PVR). You’ll likely need the help of a savvy friend or professional to upload, reformat and remove the commercials – I did.
    2. Download it from the network’s website.
    3. Or you can download it from their YouTube channel. That’s often the easier option.

    COPYRIGHT TIP: It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

    The bottom-line about promotional marketing videos:

    Get on the fast track now and drive more website traffic. You will get more sales and better brand visibility by creating a promotional marketing video. For tips on how to promote your video on your website and through social media read my guest blogs.

    If you have any questions, why not schedule a no-obligation meeting. Together we can explore your options and help you achieve the success you deserve!

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