Tip #1: Say thank you after every media interview opportunity.
  • What to Do After a Media Interview: Small Business Marketing Tips

    March 04, 2014


    McCabe Marketing was featured in PROFIT Magazine

    By Maureen McCabe

    I had the opportunity to be interviewed by PROFIT Magazine, one of Canada’s leading magazines for small- and medium-sized business owners. The article, Find Your Tweetheart, offers readers advice on how to find a social media marketing agency for their business. I was approached to comment on how to choose the best social media marketing consultant from the perspective of both a small business owner and marketing professional. As a player in the small business marketing space in Toronto, the journalist sought my experience and insight on the topic.

    4 Things You Should Do After Every Media Interview

    1. Say Thanks

    First, always send a thank-you email or make a quick phone call to the reporter who interviewed you. Let them know you are available to respond to any follow-up questions or for future interviews or commentary. Include your contact information so you can be notified of possible upcoming opportunities. You may also want to provide the journalist with additional information about you and your business, such as a bio, company backgrounder, photos or other materials.

    2. Promote It!

    Let your current clients and future customers know you’ve been interviewed by the media. Being quoted by the press or an online publication lends credibility to you and your business, so use this to your advantage. As part of your small business marketing strategy, share the news of a newly released or upcoming article or media appearance on your business’ blog, social media profiles, newsletter, and in face-to-face meetings with customers.

    3. Engage With Viewers or Readers

    Once your article is published or the video interview is posted online, make sure you’re an active participant in any discussion that may follow. Respond to comments on the article, and if possible, interact with readers who are tweeting your story or sharing it on Facebook. The idea here is not only to get your name out there and drive awareness of your business, but also to provide valuable insight and information to the conversation happening.

    4. Learn From the Experience

    Ask a trusted friend for feedback on how you performed in the interview. What could you have done better? Remember, all media interview experiences can benefit your small business marketing strategy if you can learn from them. Practice makes perfect, so keep reaching out to media outlets and reporters and let them know you’ve available as an expert in your industry.

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