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  • 10 Landing Page Optimization Tips to Get More Sales Leads

    October 24, 2022

    10 Landing Page Optimization Tips to Get More Sales Leads

    The most important part of your landing page is the call-to-action

    By Maureen McCabe

    A conversion is within your reach when users arrive at your landing page. If you notice in your Google Analytics (GA) that many prospects are reaching your landing page and taking no action, it’s most likely down to the design or wording of the page. The following are some simple tips for landing page optimization, which will increase the number of users who convert and ultimately make a massive difference in your sales.

    Landing Page Optimization Tips

    1. Keep the Design Simple

    Your landing page should only contain the information you need to convince a user to convert. This means the design needs to be clear and concise to make the main features stand out. Use plenty of whitespaces, present the main points in a bullet list, and reduce the buttons in your navigation bar.

    2. Think About SEO

    Although you need to create a landing page with your audience in mind, you will increase the chance that users will ever find the page by improving its SEO. For instance, use your primary keyword (particularly in the headline), ensure HTML tags are correct and place inbound links on many other pages. You should also ensure your landing page is easy to share on social media.

    3. Use Images

    Posts on social media receive much more attention if they feature a picture. Include a high-quality, relevant image to improve your chances of social shares and additional conversions.

    4. Keep All Information Above the Fold

    It is essential that users can instantly read all the vital information on your landing page without needing to scroll down. Keeping critical information below the fold only increases the risk that users will navigate away from your site without taking action.

    5. Focus on Your Call-to-Action

    The most important part of your landing page, the call-to-action (CTA), tells users what to do next. Use actionable language to avoid doubt, unnecessary words, and wordy phrases.

    6. Use Contrasting Colours

    Contrasting colours are a great way to ensure your CTA stands out and to draw attention to any other significant elements. The rest of your landing page should be in complementary tones.

    7. Convince the Customer

    Users have no interest in what is best for your company — they only want to know why taking action would suit them. Use words and images to explain the benefits for users and how you can solve their pressing problems or improve their lives. Features such as short testimonials go a long way in persuading prospects.

    8. Create a Sense of Urgency

    You want your prospects to take action now — if they put off acting until later, they may forget about you or find another deal from one of your competitors. The best way to convince users to act immediately is to create a sense of urgency. Tell users they have a limited time to take advantage of your offer or that it is only available for a few people.

    9. Present a Unique Deal

    Another tactic to ensure users convert immediately is to market your offering as unavailable elsewhere. Demonstrate why your deal is better than what consumers find with your competitors.

    10. Conduct A/B Testing

    A/B testing involves creating two or more versions of your landing page with minor differences in elements such as layout, colour, testimonials, wording, and size. Present different users with different landing pages and test which receives the most conversions.

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