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  • Five ways to create “Blog Title Ideas” – Inspired by Donald Trump in 2016

    May 07, 2016

    blog title ideas

    Learn how to write scintillating blog titles.

    By Maureen McCabe

    Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has been making international headlines throughout the United States’ election season. What was once thought to be a joke campaign by a celebrity has become a campaign headed by a leader who appears to be on his way to winning the Republican nomination.

    His ability to generate headlines is incredible, and something that marketers should be trying to recreate when thinking of blog title ideas. If you want blogs that are as click-able as a statement from the Donald, consider the following techniques.

    1. Be Shocking and Controversial

    A little bit of controversy makes headlines, which is why Donald Trump has been able to commandeer the front page of every newspaper, website and Google search for months. When creating blog title ideas, think of a title that may cause a stir, and encourage people to read and voice their opinion on the matter. Push the limits by writing posts that aim to dispel common myths in your industry, or take an opposing stance on a current news topic.

    2. Forget Being Generic

    There is almost nothing generic about Donald Trump’s campaign and platform, and this allows him to capture an audience of voters that seems disenchanted with voting. In the same way, forget using generic blog titles that sound like another 10 blogs accessible to readers online.

    Most people have already read an article with a title like “Marketing Tips for B2B Companies.” Instead, put a spin on this common topic to go one step further or be more specific than your competitors. For example, to avoid creating another generic blog post, I might alter this topic to become “10 Innovative Content Marketing Tips for B2B Companies.”

    3. Be Funny

    Donald Trump likely doesn’t see himself as funny as the general public does, partially because the media likes to make jokes about his campaign. Though he’s not trying to be funny, he is, and in turn the headlines become funny themselves.

    If you’re writing about a serious topic, that doesn’t mean you need to be boring and bland. Spice up your title with a humorous pun or something that might cause readers to laugh out loud. If you show your funny side before the person clicks on the article, they will be more likely to want to click and read on because the title caught their eye.

    4. Use Bold Word Choices

    One of the most talked about things Donald Trump has said during the election season has been “I know words, I have the best words.” In true Donald fashion then, using the best words is one of the best ways to capture attention.

    A title like, “Top Ways to Lose Weight” has been used hundreds of thousands of times. Instead, try something that’s more specific and uses words that are more flashy, descriptive, or rare. For instance, you could use,

    “Ridding Yourself of Unwanted Body Fat Doesn’t Have to be Difficult.”

    Blog title ideas need to be catchy, original, and descriptive. Use strong words to invoke emotions in your audience.

    5. Short and Sweet

    Like most politicians, one of Donald Trump’s best techniques for answering questions is keeping things short and sweet. By not giving away too much information, Trump keeps people guessing and intrigued about what he actually believes. In a similar fashion, keeping blog title ideas short and sweet is a good way to keep people interested in the blog and encourage them to read through it.

    Adding a gigantic number of descriptive words may seem like a good idea, but it is exactly the opposite. Save all the descriptive words for the actual blog, and encourage readership by not telling them everything they need to know in the title.

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