Use Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your new business.
  • August 30, 2016

    Starting A New Business

    Temporary Options for Your Primary Online Presence

    Facebook, Google Plus (G+) and Twitter provide a way to communicate quickly with customers and inform them about your business’s plan, product and additional information. LinkedIn is another important social network with a focus on business connections; use it to scout for new talent or join with like-minded companies throughout the world.

  • July 08, 2016

    Website Redesign

    Ensure your new site and its content and functionality are aligned with business goals.

    A website redesign is an extensive process, with more steps than you might imagine. Find out how to make the transition go smoothly.

  • June 19, 2016

    Avoiding Duplicate Website Content

    Is duplicate content from other sites negatively affecting your website ranking?

    Not only can you not have duplicate content within your website, but Google can tell if you have copied website content from other sites onto your own.  Other websites can be a great source of information and ideas, it is important that you use them properly, otherwise your search engine ranking will be damaged.


  • April 08, 2016

    website load time must loud quickly

    Site speed is an important part of the overall technical components of your website.

    In the new digital age, instantaneous responses are expected for everything digital, and this includes your website. Whether you’re a business-to-consumer, B2C, business to business, B2B business or an e-commerce site, viewers expect your website to flawlessly switch between pages without delay. If you have a slow website, it’s not only hurting your digital viewership, but likely your entire business.

  • March 24, 2016

    How to Get Your Website on Google

    Use Google’s free Keyword Planner tool before you start writing.

    It is no secret that any successful business in today’s world needs to be best friends with Google. Think about your own experiences – when you are looking for information, who do you turn to? Your potential customers are doing the same thing, so if you have not gotten in good with Google yet, you may be missing out on a whole world of people who could really use your products or services.

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