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  • How to Get Your Website on Google

    March 24, 2016

    How to Get Your Website on Google

    Use Google’s free Keyword Planner tool before you start writing.

    It is no secret that any successful business in today’s world needs to be best friends with Google. Think about your own experiences – when you are looking for information, who do you turn to? Your potential customers are doing the same thing, so if you have not gotten in good with Google yet, you may be missing out on a whole world of people who could really use your products or services.

    If you’ve been trying to figure out how to get your website on Google, you’ve taken the first step. Acknowledging the need means that you already understand the importance of putting yourself on the first page of peoples’ searches. Now that you know it is a necessity, here are some tips to help you befriend the Google gods:

    Embrace Google Keyword Planner.

    If Google is giving you the tools, you’ll definitely benefit from learning how to use them as you try to figure out how to get your website on Google. Keyword Planner will allow you to understand which keywords will work best for you, help you analyze historical data and get in touch with the phrases your customers are searching for. Keywords are a huge deal in the world of SEO, so it pays to understand which words your people are putting into their search bars.

    If you utilize Keyword Planner to check out your competition, particularly in terms of how high the search volume is, you can adjust your own content to include those words and phrases.

    Know the Numbers.

    There isn’t any industry in which it does not pay to know what your competitors are doing. You cannot be better than the rest if you do not know what everyone else is offering.

    Ahrefs is a great tool that allows you to track your backlinks, keywords, mentions of your brand and competitors’ online activity (to an extent). The Positions Explorer, for example, will allow you to hone in on the phrases that are making your competitors popular. Site Explorer can help you get to know your backlinks so you can see who is talking about you and who is referencing your own content.

    The more backlinks you are able to build, the more credible you are likely to be seen by Google, which means the search engine is more likely to send people in your direction.

    Cater Your Content.

    Once upon a time, you could stuff keywords into your content and regurgitate the same old material, but those days are gone. Google gives shout-outs to people who curate fresh content that is relevant and useful to its audience. You need to use keywords, but take care not to go overboard. Density over 5% could penalize you rather than afford you new customers. You need to have fresh website copy that sets you apart from your competition while showcasing that you are an authority figure in your field. Blogs are virtually essential pieces of the cyber puzzle these days, and if you are not writing savvy, there are plenty of freelance writers who would love to help you.

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