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  • What Is The Difference Between Google Places and Google+ for Business?

    August 31, 2015

    What Is The Difference Between Google Places and Google+ for Business?

    Where are you? I’m looking for your business, but can’t find you!

    By Maureen McCabe

    Oh the places your business could go with Google Places! Or, should you choose Google+ for Business? On the other hand, why not do both Google Places and Google+ for Business? Why should you do either?

    While these questions are very common, the answers have serious implications for your business. In any case, it’s important to understand the differences between these two services. Continue reading to learn more about Google Places and Google+ for Business.

    What is Google Places for Business?

    Search engines commonly utilize the information found on Google Places for your business. Even though search engines may already have your business listed in the results, Google Places puts you in the driver’s seat of the information searchers will be presented with when it comes to your business.

    Google Places allows you to provide images of your location, products and services, contact information, hours of operation and even a description. All of this information is easily managed from your Google Places dashboard, which allows you to update this information anytime you choose.

    Key Benefits of Google Places

    Some of the key benefits of Google Places include the following:

    • Your business will show up front and centre on Google Maps or in search engine results pages when a consumer searches for a business.
    • You control all of the information presented to consumers, so if you make a change, you can quickly edit it for customers searching online.

    What Is Google+ for Business?

    Similar to Facebook and many other social media outlets, Google+ covers the social aspect of search. You can connect with other businesses, existing customers and potential customers by adding them to your circle, which is similar to having “friends” on Facebook.

    Once someone is in your circle, they will receive various updates from your company, such as comments, blog posts and instant access to reviews for your business. Google+ allows you to add photos and business information to provide audiences with a holistic image of the brand.

    Why Is Google+ for Business a Good Idea?

    Most recently, Google+ has added a new feature, offering personalized search results based on the user’s Google+ connections. For example, whenever a user who is connected to you makes a search that relates to your business or your posts, your business’s Google+ page will appear at the top of the SERP. On the other hand, if someone without the connection with your business searches for something relevant to your brand, you may show up in your normal SERP position.

    Is Google+ for Business or Google Places Better?

    Simply put, you should have both because they work together for two very specific reasons:

    Control Your Brand

    Both options place you in total control of your brand image and the information available to consumers. In most cases, your business will eventually be listed somewhere or by someone on the Web. When you utilize these tools, you can make sure the right images and information are displayed about your brand.

    Increase Visibility

    Because Google is beginning to integrate social media in the holistic approach to SEO, utilizing these tools can only help. In most cases, if Google offers a new product, it simply makes sense to participate in it to improve your appearance in Google search results!

    In the end, Google+ for Business and Google Places are free, easy to use and easy to set up. With a staggering 100 billion monthly searches being conducted on Google, these tools will increase your ability to control your brand image as well as your business’s visibility.

    While Google+ for Business and Google Places are awesome tools, you may be left wondering how best to leverage them. Contact McCabe Marketing today for a complimentary marketing consultation and learn more about using Google+ and Google Places for your business.

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