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  • Why Customer Video Reviews Are Hot

    July 12, 2017

    Video Reviews Customer Product Testimonials

    Unbiased third-party endorsements boost your brand.

    By Maureen McCabe

    Barb Gormley interviewed me for the article “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!” published in Fitness Business CANADA magazine for their 2017 The Year Ahead issue.

    “Video is the single-best investment a [business] can make,” says Maureen McCabe of Toronto-based McCabe Marketing.

    Video testimonials from delighted customers are a powerful tool for showcasing your business, facility and services. The interview led me to write about the importance of video testimonials or customer reviews for any type of business.

    Customer Reviews: Word-of-mouth Advertising

    Customer testimonials should be a key component of your marketing plan. Today, many companies have a page dedicated to customer reviews  on their website.

    Customer video testimonials are growing in popularity and effectiveness. In the absence of traditional word-of-mouth recommendations, online testimonials using video content are the next best thing.

    HubSpot, inbound marketing and sales specialist, is an authoritative site. The blog written by Chase Cleckner stated that video testimonials are the “power of social proof.” People are becoming so accustomed to viewing videos that, “78% of people say they trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from acquaintances.”

    This article also examined the connection or emotional tie that viewers develop with the customer in the review that a trust level is made.

    Third-party Review Sites – Some Verified for Authenticity

    There are two types of customer reviews: written and video. Authoritative sites such as HomeStars and TrustedPros in Canada and Angie’s List in the U.S. each have a verification process – before the review is posted.

    Although not verified, there are other respected review sites such as Yelp and n49.com. Google Plus reviews are not verified, but are very visible when you Google a business name.

    Businesses understand that prospective customers are encouraged to engage with your company when they hear and now “see” great things said about your service or product. Your Facebook page and YouTube channel are great platforms to share customer review videos.

    The Business of Providing Reviews – Fake Testimonials

    We have heard through social media and reported on TV and in print the number of people who offer the service of writing or creating video reviews for businesses – some for free, others who are paid. Some have been posted on company websites.

    Reviews on your site must look and feel believable. Beware as “false” testimonials when discovered can seriously discredit your business, services and products.

    Tips to Help Your Customer Provide a Video Testimonial

    Video reviews are not the same as a professional corporate video, which ideally includes a customer testimonial. McCabe Marketing produced Grauman Packaging’s video of three customers each of whom was filmed in their retail store.

    Ask your customers and staff if they would be comfortable providing you with a video testimonial. Videos from staff can boost trust and awareness of your brand as well.

    It can be as easy as asking a satisfied customer at their company when you are working through a project or when they visit your office. It can be recorded with your smartphone in a snap.

    Once someone has agreed to provide you with a video testimonial you can help them by asking questions such as:

    • Why would you recommend our product or service? “I would recommend ABC company because…”
    • What did you like most about your experience working with us?
    • Do you have any statistical facts such as “Our profit improved X percent”?

    TIP:  Encourage the customer to use your company or product name.

    I believe that smartphone videos are authentic, which builds trust and confidence in your business, product and services. You may want to have them edited to shorten or tighten them up with video editing software such as Adobe Premiere.

    Now don’t be shy, ask your customers what they thought of your work, services or products. Ask if they will provide you with a written testimonial to post on your website. Or better yet, shoot a video on your iPhone.

    TIP:  Do not embed a YouTube video on your website – under any circumstances. Why? Because YouTube can overlay an ad on your website. Stay tuned for our next blog about videos, YouTube vs. Vimeo where you will learn What to Do and Not Do.

    Here’s a challenge for you. Attach a link to a video review of this article. The best video review submitted by October 31, 2017, will win a $250 cash prize. Oops, is that a bribe or purchased review? Sorry, we can’t do that…but if you post a video review please share the link or post a comment on McCabe Marketing’s Facebook page, we’ll be grateful.

    Have a question about video marketing? Connect with us today.

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