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    March 03, 2014

    How to Get Media Interviews for Small Business

    Celebrate the good news. Share the interview with everyone including your prospective clients!

    By Maureen McCabe

    I had an exciting opportunity to be interviewed by Jay Somerset for a piece in Connected for Business. As an authority on small business marketing in Toronto, I was approached to comment on the idea of creating videos as part of a small business marketing strategy.

    I like speaking and video marketing one of my favourite subjects. I’ve experienced great success as a result of the promotional marketing videos  that we’ve created for clients and our business. My videos have generated several opportunities for me to give media interviews on television, in the press and for online publications.

    So, how did I find media interview opportunities for my small business?

    It’s definitely not an easy task to get an interview or a chance to be quoted in a publication. If you can get this type of coverage, it will help raise your small business profile in your industry.

    Not only that, it’s also a stepping stone to getting even more requests interviews. As you do more and more media interviews, you’ll gain credibility for your business and get in front of more potential customers.

    If you want to start getting more exposure for your small business through media interviews, here’s how you can take action:

    • Define your targets

    First, do some research and find local media outlets or outlets in your industry that you might want to reach out to. Don’t aim for the biggest ones first. Start small instead to learn the ropes to find opportunities and practice your interviewing skills..

    TIP 1:  Think outside of the box to get media interviews. Don’t just target newspapers and TV — consider radio, podcasts or web blogs too!

    • Be visible

    When reporters are searching for a source or an industry leader to comment on a story, where do you think they turn? Many will start with an online search. That’s why it’s essential that your small business can be found online to get media interviews.

    Your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, social media presence and website are all key players in this respect. Make sure there is a clear and simple way for journalists to reach you.

    TIP 2:  Be visible offline, too. Introduce yourself and pass out your business card at public events, local business meetings and other events where reporters are likely present.

    • Be an authority

    What type of information are you an expert on? As a small business, you likely have a particular area of specialization that sets you apart from your competitors. Position yourself as an authority in that area. Make sure you have content on your website that speaks directly to the topic to prove you are truly an expert.

    TIP 3: Use your passion for your business and industry to your advantage.

    This will make you a more compelling source for the media to interview when you show both your extensive knowledge and true enjoyment of your career.

    • Reach out

    You can get media interviews by reaching out to media outlets and let reporters know that you are available as a source for stories that fall within your area of expertise.

    Begin by sending a friendly email to contacts at your targeted publications or media sites. You can also offer to write a piece on your specialty within your industry for a website or a local print publication. Explain your story pitch clearly and briefly.

    TIP 4:  Try connecting with potential reporters and media outlets on social media.

    Reach out to them on Twitter you can write a comment on an article they’ve written. Forming a relationship with them before you pitch an idea will help them recognize you and your business.

    Once you’ve landed an interview or asked to provide a  comment, always say YES! Media interviews are one aspect of small business marketing that you can’t let pass you by.

    Get more media interviews by making yourself available and seizing every opportunity to promote your business.

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