Four marketing tips to give you a competitive edge.
  • How to Get Clients and Increase Sales. Powerful Marketing Tips Your Competitors Don’t Know.

    March 24, 2018

    Use these four tips to get an edge over the competition and attract more clients.

    By Maureen McCabe

    How to get clients and attract more ideal ones are common questions. You can’t rely on your tried-and-proven techniques to increase sales. The following strategies aren’t well known to business owners that we have spoken with over the past couple of years. Get a leg up on your competitors and check out these four marketing tips

    1. Native Adverting, New type of advertising …Stops the irrelevant ads

    Traditional digital advertising was built to catch peoples’ attention with a message that disrupted them in the middle of an online session, like a flashy banner ad or a pop-up. This approach has fallen out of favour because it’s intrusive and pushy. The preference now is for advertising that enhances an online session with relevant messaging that adds to why the person is online in the first place.

    This is native advertising and it is most commonly served up as “sponsored content” at the end of a website. Think of it as an additional reading/viewing recommendation to your target.

    For example, a real estate agent in London, Ontario, could write about the five up-and-coming areas for investment properties in London, and place it on the local paper’s real estate listings page – which is where someone might start their research.

    You will find many companies that specialize in placing native advertising on the right sites at the right times, but I recommend starting with Outbrain, as it is the broadest.

    2. Real-time Response: Big Data

    Large corporations have been “mining customer data” for years. In the 1990s and early 2000, when I was on IBM’s marketing teams, we had lots of data including our competitors, but we weren’t able to effectively use it.

    Today we have digital mining, known as Big Data, which enables businesses of any size to mine data. By providing real-time responses to comments, reviews and online chats, your business will have data at your fingertips.

    The possibilities are endless when you use this information with the right tools. Your team can gain incredible insights to get new clients and retain existing ones.

    Big data will bolster the effectiveness of your campaigns and blogs through a deeper and more accurate understanding of your clients’ needs that you have learned by reading social media comments and using Google Analytics, GA for your website metrics.

    If you don’t know where to begin or it seems overwhelming, start slowly. Two examples:

    Online Reviews: Read all of your reviews on Google and Facebook. Respond to each one whether it is positive or negative; it doesn’t matter how long ago the comment was written.

    Social Media Shares: Read all of the likes and comments from your posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. What are the trends? For example, is it the same or different people who respond to your posts?

    3. Local SEO: Be Found Online

    How can you boost your Google ranking without paying a costly SEO specialist or digital marketing agency?

    Submit your company information to free online directories with the NAP (Name Address Phone Number). Many directories include other key information about your business such as your website, company hours, prices, special offers and more.

    To maximize your time get our free template that we have created for our clients  and a fantastic list of free online directories.

    Local SEO, also known as local link building, will continue to be key for building links to your website.

    4. Mobile-first Indexing: Yikes!

    Did you know that Google ranks the mobile version of website differently than the desktop/laptop version? That’s one reason why you need a responsive website. And, as more searches are being done on smart phones, you are losing out on reaching these types of visitors.

    Does the quality of your mobile website affect your desktop ranking? Google hinted in 2017 that in 2018, soon all rankings on their search results will be based on your mobile site organic ranking rather than the desktop ranking.

    For a detailed explanation about mobile-indexing, check out how to leap over your competitors and stay in the know now.

    These marketing trends will continue to grow in 2021 and beyond. How do you attract customers? Do you want more sales leads? Contact the McCabe Marketing team for guidance.

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