Communicate your customers needs first, then your products.
  • “Needs-based” Selling (Communications) Skills. It’s Not All About You! Homepage Writing Tips and More.

    December 30, 2011

    “Needs-based” selling and writing skills – it’s not all about you! Homepage copywriting tips.

    Three effective writing techniques and why they are important.

    By Maureen McCabe

    People buy a product or service when they have a need, want, or dream. What need does your business service or product address? Communicate your customers’ needs at every opportunity and your business can thrive. But how can you do it consistently and successfully?

    Good listening skills are important. During a conversation it can be easy to learn about your prospective customer’s problems or challenges by simply asking open-ended questions. Although you might get excited and want to interrupt with an idea or two – or talk about your product – please hold back. (I know that this is incredibly hard to do!) Instead, keep probing until you identify all of their needs.

    Too frequently, business owners communicate the features of their product without ever circling back to how the product addresses the customer’s specific need. The result – a frustrated customer who doesn’t feel that you were listening and understanding. Why would they hire you if you don’t connect?

    Keep the following in mind when it comes to writing content for your marketing materials – from the website, newsletters to videos and more. On your homepage please don’t write about yourself first or the product’s features! For some unknown reason when it comes to the written word most business owners’ personal one-on-one selling skills get thrown out the window.

    To reiterate my focus for messaging and copywriting – minimize the use of ‘we do this, we do that’. The following messages are resonating well with my prospective clients but are used for reference – not subliminal purposes. The messaging in all of your marketing materials should be based on one or a combination of the following:

    1. Needs (Needs or Advantages – not Features)
      Got an important must-do project you never seem to have time or the expertise to implement? We can help.
    2. Dreams and Aspirations
      Imagine the freedom when you put your marketing on auto-pilot and the sales leads come in automagically.
    3. Immediate Benefit
      Jumpstart your sales and profits by connecting some key marketing gaps and adding a fresh selling program. Request your free marketing consultation.

    Speak in the words of your prospective customers or you won’t reach them.

    P.S. No-Charge Marketing Advice

    Perhaps the unintentional subliminal message resonated. Learn ways you can generate more sales leads and increase your revenues. During your consultation, we’ll ask questions to learn more about your business and your marketing and sales activities. This will enable us to provide a few ideas to help grow your business. Take advantage of our free no-obligation consultation, please book your appointment as there are limited spaces available each week.

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  1. Krisztina02:18pm,

    Great comprehensive look at selling technique. Covers all the basic principles I was taught at the Humber Business School. Our way was to first determine the NWID: Needs, Wants, Interests, and Demands of the customer.

  2. Roman Chabursky04:40pm,

    Listening as you mentioned and holding back are extremely critical especially during a selling scenario. One needs to know what the customer wants in order to present the product in way that will improve them or their situation. It’s about getting your prospects to perceive you or your product as the best solution to their problem. It’s also about making them feel good about their purchase.

  3. Tamara10:33am,

    I am thoroughly delighted to encounter such specialized expertise, service and advice! I can see it helping my company profits and client retention for years to come.
    Maureen thank you, thank you.

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