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  • Free Canadian Business Directory Guide

    November 15, 2014

    Free Canadian Business Directory Guide

    Look for niche directories that are relevant to your industry or location.

    By Maureen McCabe

    In my last Toronto business directory guide blog post, I shared a list of sites that small business owners should submit their business listing to in order to increase their presence in local search engine results. Download our free local SEO link building template that we have created for our clients. This post offers some more great sites to submit your listing to, with a focus on Canada-wide directories.

    Canadian Business Directory Listings: What are the Benefits?

    By submitting your listing to good-quality directories, you can reap a host of benefits that can ultimately lead to more traffic to your website, and more business. Some of the top benefits include the following:

    Better Visibility in Local Search Results

    More and more, we are searching locally. When we search for businesses on our mobile devices, we are typically looking for something nearby. Search engines like Google and Bing are paying close attention to this method of searching, and are displaying more relevant local results for users. Having profiles on location-based Canadian business directory sites can help boost your appearance in search results for those searching locally.

    Builds Links

    Directory listings can increase the number of backlinks to your site, which can help your site rank higher in search results. Remember, it’s important to create business listings on reputable, high-quality directories in order to make an impact on your SEO efforts. Posting a business profile on poor-quality directories can actually harm your search-engine rankings rather than help them. Keep this in mind when searching for your own Canadian business directory sites.

    Gives Authority to Your Website

    Links on quality, high-ranking and authoritative directories have the ability to pass on some of their authority to your small-business website. Directories that rank well can pass on their PageRank or authority onto the sites they list. If you create a profile for your website on enough quality directories, you may see your site’s PageRank increase.

    Customers Still Use Online Directories to Find Businesses!

    Canadian business directories are not simply used for SEO purposes.  Some potential customers still use them to find products and services in their local area. If you’re listed on the top directories, you could potentially be found by your target market. If your small business is not listed there, they can’t find you!

    Here’s my list of Canadian business directories for you to check out and add your own listing too!

    We are now recommending; they have been supporting small businesses since 1999. Kudos to Mark Ruthenberg who wrote a detailed comment below.

    Tips for Finding More Directories

    1. Search out niche directories that your small business fits into. For example, if you are a wedding planner, you would want to search out wedding vendor directories in your area.
    2. Determine which directories your competitors are listed on. Do a Google search for their business name and see if you can find some of their directory listings. Your business should be listed there too.
    3. Search for hyper-local directories. In addition to Canadian business directories, search for directories specific to your city, region or province.
    4. Find out if your local newspaper or city website maintains a directory of local businesses and ask to have your website listed.

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  1. Daisy02:15am,

    Haha, should you be charging for this kind of advice, knowledge? Otherwise people don’t need to hire you, and just read your blogs.

  2. Ephonepages11:33am,

    Yes people still do search online to find local businesses. I have a business directory created with various categories where you can select your city and find a business in your area. You can also submit your business listing. It’s free…

  3. Mark Ruthenberg04:25pm,

    Your listing of Canadian directories is missing the directory, which has been in business since 1999 and covers 30 communities coast-to-cast, and has well over 150,000 businesses and locations in it. Businesses also can post news, events, coupons, and jobs with their free listing.
    The site has a web marketing blog with lots of industry-specific tips sheets for over 60 sectors, at
    Please contact us to find out how we can help update your directory listing…and go to the site to add your business (or your clients’ businesses)

  4. Wedding Toronto Limousine06:32am,

    Thanks for this HELP! 🙂

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