Google must turn over documents dating from 2015.
  • Canadian Court orders Google to hand over records for Competition Bureau advertising investigation.

    October 23, 2021

    Competition Bureau investigates oogle

    Is Google harming online display advertising in Canada?

    By Maureen McCabe

    The Competition Bureau is investigating whether Google has engaged in certain practices that harm competition in the online display advertising industry in Canada. This industry is made up of various technology products that are used to display advertisements to users when they visit websites or use apps.

    Canada’s antitrust watchdog confirmed in a media release on October 22, 2021 it had obtained a Federal court order to advance its investigation into whether Google’s online advertising business is hurting competition, according to the statement filed.

    11. Provide all Records, excluding spreadsheets and data, prepared or received by a Senior Officer relating to any policies, strategies, or instructions, prohibiting, warning, advising against, or respecting the use of terms related to antitrust, including the following:

    a.  “Cutting off the air supply”;
    b. “Bundle”;
    c.  “Tie”;
    d. “Crush”;
    e. “Kill”;
    f.  “Block”; or
    g. “Market Power”.

    NOTE: The Bureau previously investigated Google for alleged anti-competitive conduct relating to online search, search advertising and displaying advertising. At that time, the Bureau committed to closely follow developments with respect to Google’s conduct.

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