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    September 27, 2017

    Bing Local Listing for Business

    Setting up a Bing local listing will help your local Google SEO.

    by Maureen McCabe

    Google is sooooooooooooo huge – particularly in Canada – that it can make it seem as though no other search engines exist on the Web. However, there are actually several Google alternatives, including Microsoft’s Bing. While you may be aware of Bing’s existence, you may not be so sure about whether or not you should invest any time or effort into optimization strategies for this search engine specifically. To put things plainly, you should. One of the first steps you should take for your Bing SEO is to create a Bing local listing. Here’s why:

    Bing actually matters in the world of online search

    Published in April 2017, Statistica’s marketshare analysis is comprehensive. As per the statistics, if you ignore Bing you can be ignoring countless potential sales leads that can help you grow your business.

    • Google absolutely dominates online search with a whopping 63.4 percent of all online search queries flowing through its search engine.
    • Bing, however, still gets a lot of traffic, with over 4 billion searches per month or 22.8 percent.

    Bing factors in your local listing for local searches

    Bing’s search engine algorithm operates similar to Google’s. Like Google, Bing wants to do everything it can to validate the existence and quality of a local business; the listing on the search engine is a factor considered for this. As such, a key component for local search on Bing is your local listing on the search engine.

    Your competitors are likely ignoring Bing too 

    As you contemplate whether or not you should set up a Bing local listing, other companies, including your competitors, have already decided that Bing is not worth their time. Instead, they will dedicate all of their time and energy into improving their Google search results only. This ultimately means that taking the small step of setting up a Bing local listing will give you a powerful edge over your competition for higher rankings on Bing search results.

    Setting up a Bing local listing will help your local Google SEO

    When considering rankings for local listings, Google looks beyond your Google listing. One of the factors that it considers is how many listing websites your company is on. This includes websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages and Bing.

    This means that even if you couldn’t care less about your ranking on Bing, you should still take the time to set up a Bing local listing, because it will help boost your local search results on Google.

    You might technically have a Bing local listing anyway

    If you search for your company on Bing, you may find a listing – one that you didn’t create. Often the listings we have seen have outdated information from a business address to a link to the company website.

    Claiming and updating this listing will actively benefit you by connecting the listing to your company’s website, which is critical for completing your listing for better Google and Bing search results.

    How to set up your Bing local listing

    Now that you know why you should set up a Bing local listing, you need to know how to do it. The process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is Google the phrase, i.e., search from any browser – Bing Places for Business  or click here to link to their portal that .

    From there, you will be asked whether you are updating a listing or creating a new one – you will only need to select the former option if you have a pre-existing listing that you need to claim. Next, you fill out a few basic forms and verify your business through phone, email or mail.

    Get the most out of the Web by reaping value from all of the top search engines, not just Google! Contact the McCabe Marketing team to explore your options.

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