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Business and marketing strategy

When McCabe Marketing meets with a new business owner, one of the first questions is, “When do you plan to sell your business?” You must plan and build your business with the end in mind, and for many, it’s cashing out and retiring, while for others, it’s handing it over to a family member to run.

Regardless of your long-term intentions, it would help if you built it to be sold. Marketing is a critical element of your business plan. McCabe Marketing has worked with several startups, from developing a business plan to marketing strategy and programs.

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My Personalized Pet. is a business that started as a hobby. The owner sewed items and embroidered her dogs’ names on them. Soon, friends were asking for products for their cats and dogs, and they had ideas for new products.

McCabe Marketing recommended a simple, low-cost way to sell their products using eBay to determine the demand. Their online presence evolved to develop their website, and now they have customers across the globe. Their products are locally made; the trade show strategy enabled consumers to touch and feel the quality…and feel good about buying products made in Canada. With this two-pronged approach, sales soared by 250% one year after launch. The result is that the owners are well-positioned for an ultimate sale.

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